About apparat/object

Purpose of this module:

  1. Mapping between objects and their file resources
    • Instantiation of objects from persisted resources
    • Creation of resources from new / unpersisted objects
      • FrontMark resources for text-based objects
      • Pairs of binary and meta data resources for binary objects
    • Object publication, un-publication and re-publication
    • Object revision management
    • Object ID assignment & incrementation
    • Object localization (?)
  2. Object API
  3. Utility functions

Object repositories

Objects are stored in object repositories.

Environment variables

Variable Description
APPARAT_BASE_URL Absolute base URL of the apparat instance (including optional path component)
APPARAT_DOCUMENT_ROOT Absolute root directory in the file system for apparat repositories
OBJECT_DATE_PRECISION Precision for creation date encoding in object URLs, ranging from 0 (no dates in URLs) to 6q ("Y/m/d/H/i/s"). Typical would be 3 ("Y/m/d").
OBJECT_RESOURCE_EXTENSION File extension for object text resources (e.g. "md")
OBJECT_ENABLE_TYPES Enabled object types (e.g. "article,contact")


I recommend reading the project documentation on Read the Docs.

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